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Variegated Zelkova

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Zelkova serrata 'Variegata'
Zelkova serrata 'Variegata' is a unique cultivar of the Zelkova serrata tree species. This tree is highly valued for its striking variegated foliage, which features green leaves with irregular creamy-white margins. This beautiful contrast of colors creates a bright and eye-catching display in any garden or landscape. Zelkova serrata 'Variegata' typically grows to a height of 30 to 50 feet and has a wide spreading crown. This tree is deciduous, with the leaves turning a yellow-gold in fall. It is easy to care for, tolerant of drought, and resistant to pests and diseases. Overall, Zelkova serrata 'Variegata' is an excellent choice for gardeners who want to add a unique and visually appealing tree to their landscape.
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