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Beni Maiko Japanese Maple

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Acer palmatum �Beni maiko�
Acer palmatum �Beni maiko� is a stunning Japanese maple cultivar that is highly prized for its delicate, lacy foliage and brilliant red color. This slow-growing tree can reach a height of up to 10 feet with an 8 foot spread, making it a perfect choice for small gardens or as a feature plant in larger landscapes. �Beni maiko� is a hardy and adaptable plant that can handle in full sun or partial shade, making it a versatile addition to any garden or landscape. In the spring, its foliage emerges a bright cherry red and matures to a greenish-red color throughout the summer months. This cultivar is relatively easy to care for, making it an excellent choice for novice gardeners. It prefers well-draining soil kept moist, but not waterlogged. Regular pruning is recommended to maintain its shape and keep it from getting too tall or wide. �Beni maiko� is a stunning, unique tree that will add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.
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