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Pink Princess Weigela

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Weigela florida 'Pink Princess'
Weigela florida 'Pink Princess' is a stunning deciduous shrub that produces an abundance of pink trumpet-shaped flowers in late spring to early summer. The flowers bloom on gracefully arching branches, which creates an eye-catching display that is highly attractive to pollinators. 'Pink Princess' is a medium-sized shrub that grows up to 6-8 feet tall and wide, making it perfect for mixed borders, informal hedges, or as a specimen plant. This easy-to-grow shrub also boasts dark green foliage that provides a beautiful backdrop for the colorful blooms. 'Pink Princess' is highly resistant to common pests and diseases, making it a low-maintenance option for any garden. With its showy blooms and attractive foliage, Weigela florida 'Pink Princess' is a must-have for any garden or landscape, especially for those who want to add a touch of elegance and romance to their outdoor space.
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