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The Boxwood Care Guide

Boxwood Care Guide - Boxwood Zoom

Buxus (boxwood) is a genus of evergreen shrubs often planted as hedges. Their ability to withstand frequent pruning makes them a popular and versatile addition to any landscape design.

Boxwood maze


When selecting a location for your boxwood consider their need for both sun and shade. They need at least five hours of sun per day, but also appreciate the shade’s shelter on hot summer days. A location that receives both sun and shade during the day will help your boxwood thrive.

Boxwoods don’t do well in standing water so it's important to identify a location that drains well. Your boxwood will be happiest in loamy soil with a pH between 6.8 and 7.5. If planting in sand remember to add organic material such as compost, manure or peat moss. 

Row of rounded cone boxwood


When ready, dig a hole twice the diameter and no deeper than the depth of the pot. A deeper hole allows the plant to settle deeper than desired. Tapping the side, slide the pot away from the roots. Place the root-ball into the hole and make sure the plant is straight and upright. 

Replace the soil until approximately ¼ of the root ball is still exposed. Soak the location with plenty of water allowing time for it to infiltrate the root ball. Once the water has drained, replace the balance of the soil, stopping when the root ball is below 1” of soil. Finish by adding a 3” thick layer of organic material over the entire area. Make an effort to prevent the organic material from touching the stem. 

Boxwood row zoomed


Your new boxwoods will need deep watering every week for the first two years. A mature plant can be deep watered monthly.

To promote future growth, add an all-purpose fertilizer before the season’s first bloom. Replacing the mulch each spring will protect the plant from future temperature extremes. In areas with harsh winters consider wrapping your boxwoods with burlap. 

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