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Welcome Heide Taylor!

February 7, 2016

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Ok, so most of you that know me know that I have a passion for plants. I can frequently be heard saying “how cool is that” about some of the plants I encounter and bring them to Chester. Sometimes a customer will come along, feel the same way, and adopt that wicked cool plant. Again, I am filled with "how cool is that" as someone else feels the same way I felt about a plant.

Months ago I placed an ad in the local paper. The basic premise of the ad wasn’t “how cool is that.” In the ad, I spoke to the single hardest part of running a successful business (I use the term "successful" loosely). In my humble opinion the success of a business rides on the shoulders of the owner and in my case, my employees. The single hardest asset? Employees. I’ve never claimed to be the best, always felt we tried as hard if not harder than our competition. I will always, however, stick my chest out relative to my employees. I’m truly proud of this cohesive group of passionate plant people. I’m always quick to state that we’re not one or two deep, but 8 or 9 deep when it comes to knowledgeable personnel who truly care. My "how cool is that" passion transcends from plants to plant people. I have always been drawn to them and have been fortunate to hire many of them. To this end, Plant Detectives is thrilled to welcome Heide Taylor to our stable of incredible employees!

Heide brings with her, experiences, accolades, and incredible passion for the industry. Her degree in plant science from Rutgers is secondary to her experiences at notable retail and wholesale establishments covering 30+ years. Some of you might recognize the name or know Heide and may remember her from her long tenure at Morris County Farms where she had her hands in all facets of the business, not the least of which included buying foliage plants, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and tropicals. Her last 15 years, she served in the capacity of general manager. Heide is customer service driven and shares the plant passion we all have at Plant Detectives. In Heide’s free time, she worked with her husband Phil running their own greenhouse business. We are thrilled that she is a contributing member of the New Jersey Landscape and Nursery Association. When she has nothing to do, you’ll find her at an arboretum, garden, competitor, or working in her garden. She lives and breathes horticulture. 

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to bring in a great employee. When we sat and talked, he said to me “I feel like I’m coming to the hall of fame.” Fantastic sentiment from a fantastic employee. I would not make such a statement, but I would say this is one incredible group that just got that much stronger. We look forward to you seeing for yourself the "how cool is that" passion for plants that Heide and the Plant Detectives team bring to the table. Please Join me in welcoming Heide to the Plant Detectives team!

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