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Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 23, 2017

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The last time I checked we all breathed the same air, occupied the same planet and probably shared more similarities than any of us were willing to admit. It seems to me that espousing differences comes far easier today than finding similarities. We’re all entitled to our respective opinions and frankly the world would be fairly vanilla if we all shared the same opinions. I suppose where I take issue is that opinions are exactly that, opinions. Not necessarily right or wrong. These opinions are highly personal and certainly should merit respect, but on the flip side should not be gospel towards an opposing point of view. So many times if we’re not in agreement the dissenting party is wrong. I might disagree with someone, but I try to listen and certainly acknowledge there may be merit to their opinion. More often than not sides seem to be right or wrong. There can be no middle ground. Perhaps the art of listening is a dying art. I think as a global people we need to listen more, respect more, and yes find the common threads that run between us all. A simple smile or hello, respect, and acknowledgement go so far in promoting good will.

Thanksgiving will probably always be my favorite holiday. No strings, no presents just families and friends getting together to share thanks for all that is right. I suppose I could just sum this up by simply saying let’s look for the common ground and build on that. Let’s give thanks for all that we have and perhaps work harder to be more accepting of our differences. Greetings and smiles do not cost anything to give (the last time I checked) however the payback may come in volumes. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family and friends, and truly give thanks for all that we have.

-Art Laster and the Plant Detectives Family

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