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Thanksgiving 2016

November 24, 2016

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To say the last year has been chaotic would be an understatement. I won’t get into the particulars, but feel most of you understand irrespective of the side of the aisle you might stand on. Political affiliation, race, religion none of it really matters. Sometimes we all need to simply reel ourselves back in to understand the really important things. Never has it been more evident that this country not only allows, but encourages freedom of speech. From the barbershop banter to the kitchen conversations we all express our opinions. I can’t tell you  the number of times I’ve solved not only this country’s problems, but the world’s problems as well, engaging people at the gym, the work place, the home. We don’t all agree, but that’s ok. It’s truly one of the things I love about this country. We can agree to disagree while being heard.

Despite our differences I think back to 911, Katrina, Sandy. I remember how all our differences were immediately put aside and we coalesced to help those in need and comfort those who needed it most. I defy any country to come to come together the way The United States of America does. Some may do it as well, but none better. We’ve certainly heard enough negativity about this country of late, but I implore you to be thankful for the freedoms and privileges this fantastic country affords us daily and to never take them for granted.

When I undertake these holiday greetings I am always guarded as to not be political. It is never my intent. I have a saying that I use to reel myself back in occasionally. It’s a wonderful statement that I would love to  take credit for, but I’m not that philosophical. Today while waiting for my oil to be changed a woman sat restlessly next to me, occasionally sighing. Clearly she was not satisfied with the speed at which her vehicle was being serviced. I sat patiently waiting for my truck. At one point she said “it’s been 45 minutes.” She then proceeded to tell me that the technician working on her car had been rear ended on his way in to work. A little more time passed and her vehicle was now ready. As she left I wished her a happy Thanksgiving and said “if this is the worst thing that happens to you today you’re doing pretty well.” I knew this could go either way. As she headed out the door she wished me a happy Thanksgiving and said that was a wonderful way to look at things. Obviously, I feel that way also. Think about that technician who had been in an accident. He went about his business professionally and pleasantly. Clearly he, in his own way, understood that message.

So much to dwell on in a negative light. We shouldn’t miss the good things of which there are many. I share one last story with you. One of my employees opened up the store one day only to find a note attached to the door.

"Hi there, We desperately needed small pumpkins for school so we bought $20.00 worth. Here’s the $20.00. Thank you.” I was so touched and inspired by this. So many good people. Let’s not look past them simply because we disagree.

To family, friends, loved ones and to those we don’t know, but might someday. Let’s be thankful for all that we are truly blessed to have this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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