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Streets of Chester Seasonal Window Display

December 12, 2014

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This holiday season Streets of Chester approached us to decorate windows to entertain passersby. We soon found out that Scott Kirk from Earth Turf and Blooms wanted to collaborate with us on the project. We were extremely enthusiastic as we are well acquainted with Scott's work. ETB is both creative and meticulous so we knew it would be a great fit. Ginger and her staff embraced this and the end result was truly a winter wonderland. We are flattered and proud to have participated and grateful to have been able to work with Earth Turf and Blooms. 

As a kid I remember making that special trek to NYC every holiday season to view the Lord and Taylor window, Macy's and the like. Of course there was the grand prize, Rockefeller Center and the massive Christmas tree. A special time, a magical feeling. Now we're not claiming our collaborative work would rival the NYC display, but it's certainly magical in its own way and a much easier commute. So take a couple of extra moments this holiday season to soak in the magic. Thanks so much to Scott and ETB and thanks to Streets of Chester for allowing us to participate. Thanks to my creative staff and to the other participants who helped make the displays a nice respite in an otherwise frantic season.

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