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Presby Iris Gardens

June 1, 2014

Posted in : News

Screen_Shot_2014-06-01_at_1.55.07_PM.png(Photo Credit: Presby Iris Gardens)

We, at Plant Detectives, enjoy talking plants, gardens, landscaping, and just about anything horticulturally related. We like to highlight local gardens that are well worth the trip whether you be a garden enthusiast or just appreciate a good flower display.

There are so many good gardens within a day’s trip that we encourage you to get out there and, in this case, “smell the iris." To that end we’d like to highlight Presby Gardens in Montclair. Presby is more of a time sensitive garden than most, as it is centered around the beautiful iris which blooms from May to mid-June.

Presby was established in 1927 and named after horticulturist and iris hybridizer Frank J. Presby. The iris collection has swollen to over 3000 types of iris, sitting on a 7.5 acre hillside in Montclair! The display is truly magnificent and unlike many gardens, every iris is clearly identified. The show is at peak right now and will be so for the next week, but will continue to be showy during the month of June. Presby is truly a gem and truly inspirational, so the yard work can wait another day and the TV can be turned off because the iris show is going on now! Hit the road and visit Presby, you’ll be glad you did.

474 Upper Mountain Ave, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043


The Plant Detectives Team


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