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Name That Plant 7/8/14

July 14, 2014

Posted in : Name That Plant

The correct answer is: Carpinus Japonica 'Japanese Hornbeam'
Sometimes we bring trees into the nursery simply because we like them. It's unfortunate that people sometimes don't use trees because they simply don't know about them. Such is the case with this weeks mystery plant, Japanese Hornbeam. This swell little tree reaches a height of 25' with a spread of 20'. It is great when used along the curb as it is as tough as nails and usually does not interfere with powerlines. It has a rounded/oval profile and exhibits nice yellow fall color.
The fruit, as in our picture, is hop-like. Great guess by Robert because this tree is similar to Ostrya or Hop Hornbeam. The Bark is smooth and attractive and often exhibits black striations along the trunk. If you're looking for a tree with few issues, that won't get too tall, consider Japanese Hornbeam!
We hope that "Name That Plant" peaks your interest, but also serves to open your mind to trying new and different plants!
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