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Name That Plant 7/17/14

July 24, 2014

Posted in : Name That Plant
Correct Answer: Zelkova Serrata Goshiki
The Zelkova was deemed an alternate tree for the American Elm, which as we all know suffered the fate of Dutch Elm Disease. With its vase-like habit and serrated foliage, it was a good replacement. Taking the same characteristics and dappling the foliage with a white frosting, you really have something. Such is the case with Goshiki, as mainly the margins of the leaf exhibit a nice dappling of white. We always feel when you can marry the qualities of a shade tree with an interesting ornamental feature you end up with a winning combination.
Goshiki Zelkova is reliably hardy and will reach a height of about 35' with a spread of 25' or so. It is an excellent lawn specimen, street tree, or will cast nice chade around a patio without making too much of a mess. As an added bonus Goshiki will put on a nice show in the Fall with orange-bronze coloration.
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