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Name That Plant 6/19/14

June 19, 2014

Posted in : Name That Plant


The Correct Answer is Acer Pseudoplatanus 'Eskimo Sunset'

I learned Acer Pseudoplatanus early on in my career as being one of the few salt tolerant shade trees available. This was an option for homes on or near the ocean and so I stowed that knowledge for just those situations. Seldom did I have use for this information and the plant was not offered commercially by too many growers as this was it’s greatest distinction. As often times is the case along came a sport. A variation that offered pink, cream, white, tan, and green mottling on the foliage. The new foliage emerges with splashes of color on each leaf and is dynamic throughout the growing season. Although full sun is preferred, Eskimo Sunset will tolerate light shade. Leaf color will change depending on the sunlight it gets. The plant will reach approximately 25’ in height and 15’ in width and is a fantastic selection for a moderately sized tree.  - Art Laster

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