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Katsura Tree & Blue Shadow

February 12, 2014

Posted in : Plants We Dig

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Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura Tree is an urban tough shade tree with heart shaped leaves. Although if you search hard enough you can find pest problems for any plant, Katsura is fairly bullet proof. The foliage resembles that of redbud and is attractive. Fall color ranges from yellows, reds, and oranges, with a mix all on the same tree. It has a fairly formal/oval habit and will mature to a height of 50’ feet with a spread of about 25’. We offer you this plant as an alternative to maples, oaks, and linden, as it will cast nice shade with few, if any, problems. It’s a very tidy tree as well.


You may want to try ‘red fox’ cercidiphyllum a relative newcomer. All characteristics are the same as the original, but the new foliage emerges red maturing to green during the summer.

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Fothergilla Gardenii ‘blue shadow’ is a fantastic shrub worthy of consideration. In fact, Fothergilla Gardenia or Fothergilla Major also merit more attention in the landscape. Blue shadow is a 3-4’ tall shrub with a comparable spread. It is relatively slow growing. The flowers are small white bottle brushes born in late April and persist for several weeks. They are mildly fragrant and showy. The real claim to fame of this plant is its foliage. The leaves are truly powdery blue and remain that way all throughout the growing season, except In the fall. This plant truly puts on a show with red/orange magnificent fall color. Blue shadow is certainly a plant that has merit over several seasons. Once asked what the common name of fothergilla was, I said “fothergilla” which is why I can’t change it up. It prefers full sun to part shade and well drained soil. Its pest list is non-existent. As I stated earlier, straight species Gardenii and Major should definitely be considered for your garden.


Happy planning, which we hope soon translates to happy planting.

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