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Happy Thanksgiving

November 27, 2014

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The holiday season, which kicks off with Thanksgiving, is a wonderful time of year. For me its always about wonderful sentiments, a joyous spirit, giving, and yes being thankful. Whether it be email, advertising, or some other form of media I read well wishes. Many convey the same thoughts perhaps expressed differently. At times a warm story might be shared to heighten our awareness of all we have to be grateful for. Hopefully all these thoughts and well wishes lead us down the same path, simply stated that of being thankful. I doubt very much that I might express some thought or feeling that hasn’t been done so before. I certainly know many have done so far more eloquently than I, so I reach for thoughts that might be meaningful or that could touch just one person.

Business is always challenging, but we handle what is put in front of us and move on to the next day. During the last several years life has presented additional challenges on a personal side that have shifted my focus at times more towards family. For many years my father, a very philosophical and humble man, would look at me and say “Arthur, I’m rich." My parents never had great personal wealth or many materialistic things, but they never wanted for much. He took great pleasure in watching myself and my brothers at athletic events, concerts, or ceremonies. Our recognition in whatever endeavours warmed his heart. As time moved on it became grandchildren and their accomplishments. During the holidays he reveled in the assembly of his family and the joy they brought him. He saw the good in everything and never took a moment for granted. At a recent doctor visit the doctor asked him how he was doing and in vintage Sid Laster style he looked at the doctor and said “I’m 89 years old. I’ve had a full rich life. I want for nothing. All things being equal I’d just assume be around for several years, but I will play the hand I’m dealt.”

Some people need the rain to appreciate the sunshine, some the cold to appreciate the warmth. I have many faults, but if I have one positive attribute it is that during the course of any day there will be a moment. A moment where the air is unusally crisp and clear, a moment where the fall color is magnificent, where I am part of or privy to a gesture that moves me. Perhaps it’s a heartfelt appreciation from someone in my life or maybe the story of courage of someone fighting some form of affliction or persecution. There are many days there are more than one moment, but all days there are one. It truly is the little things. Look around you, they are always there to see, but you must take that moment and if you’re fortunate enough maybe you can be a part of someone elses moment. I too am rich and frankly we should all be. So in addition to all the usual things to be thankful for please take that moment, I’m never sorry I do. 

Happy thanksgiving to all of you and thank you to so many of you for touching and being a part of my life. May it be joyous and filled with love. Finally, may it not only be on the last Thursday of November.

With love,

Art Laster & The Plant Detectives Family

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