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Happy New Year

January 1, 2015

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So here we are. How exactly did we get here, not quite sure, but its another January 1st. New Year's Day, the demarcation of the passing of time. Another year gone by. Seems to me that when you’re a kid you wish for Easter break, summer break, birthdays, etc. These times can’t come quickly enough and as if by magic, they disappear. You want to grow up, do things that grown ups do. As time marches on we still anticipate holidays, vacations, special occasions, but as we get older life seems to get in the way more often. Work, raising a family, life itself occupies our time and yet we still anticipate. Still these times are gone in a flash. Being closer to 60, than 50, I notice that as my life moves forward my years accelerate. I might move a little slower, but the years seem to pass with light speed. I turn around and don’t know where they have gone.


January 1st, its on the calendar, its official. We celebrate, we wish each other Happy New Year, we make ourselves promises that some of us keep and others re-commit the following New Year. I always looked at birthdays as New Years, but I suppose you’d have to have millions of New Years posted on the calendar. This would not be all that practical. I suppose that it's good to heighten our awareness of a new year. We might do things differently, become better parents, friends, family, people. I feel we lose something in marking the calendar with this passing of time. I try (try being the operative word) to treat every day as a fresh start, an individual new year. You don’t need the passing of a new year to lose weight, stop smoking, do a good deed, enjoy family, spend a quiet moment reflecting, simply appreciating all you have and all that you are surrounded by. You need only to re-purpose yourself daily. I’d like to think I appreciate every day and try to make the most of them. So to those of you who can’t wait for spring, be careful, it will be here sooner than you think. Don’t wish your life away as there are many things in life that fall before us every day to be appreciated don’t miss them. Oh, and by the way “Happy New Year” may it bring you all that you hope for, but primarily peace, love, happiness, and health.

Art Laster

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