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As Good As Gold

March 28, 2015

Posted in : Plants We Dig

These two selections of Golden Oriental Spruce will provide 12 months of color in the garden with good deer resistance.  The taller piece is Picea Orientalis 'Skylands.' Skylands makes a stately specimen piece that is unmatched as far an impact in the landscape.  Just make sure to give it some room to grow because they can reach 30-35 foot in height with a 10-15 foot spread.  We love this plant not only because it is impressive, but also because Skylands was introduced into commerce by Skylands Botanical Garden in New Jersey in 1979, which is only about 25 miles from our location in Chester, so naturally we have a soft spot for it.

If you like the look of Skylands, but simply do not have the space in the garden for it, we have Picea Orientalis 'Firefly.'  This is the smaller plant pictured above.  It is essentially a compact dwarf version of Skylands growing to about 8 foot in height with a 4-5 foot spread.  This is a new introduction from the famed Iseli Nursery in Oregon.  It was a seedling selection found under the Skylands in their display gardens so it seemed fitting to put the two into a photograph as the parent and the child.  We only have two on the property at this time because they are so rare and hard to get at this early stage of its cultivation, but we are hoping every year that goes by will allow us to have more of them in some larger sizes.

Keep seeking out those rare gems!

Brett Treible

Plant Detectives

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