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Chubb Park Chester, NJ

November 4, 2014

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Chubb Park

Plant Detectives is proud to partner with Cedarwood Landscaping of Chester NJ. In the beautification of Chubb Park in Chester, NJ. Two years ago I was fortunate to have lunch with Scott Mortensen of Cedarwood where he selflessly promoted the idea of installing Sugar Maples  at Chubb Park. Cedarwood would provide the labor and expertise and he asked if we would be willing to donate the trees. I did not hesitate at this idea and appreciated the opportunity to be a part of it. This round of planting (12 Green Mountain Sugar Maples) is a continuation of work we started earlier at the park. The ultimate goal is to line the entrance drive with stately Sugar Maples, a sturdy, native shade tree with outstanding fall color.

For those of you who don't know Scott and the members of the Cedarwood team, you should. They share the same passion for plants that all of us at Plant Detectives have. Scott’s passion transcends to his work and Cedarwood is extremely progressive in it's philosophy, staying current with the latest and the greatest. Scott's enthusiasm is infectious, so a giant shoutout to Cedarwood for coordinating this project and getting it done.

We would also like to thank the township of Chester for allowing us to be a part of this community. We’re proud to be here and can’t think of any other place we would rather be. I hope you will indulge me for two further thank you's. The first being the fantastic staff at Plant Detectives who make it all happen everyday and truly embrace our fantastic industry. Finally, our wonderful customers who have supported us through the years. In essence our customers make projects like this possible and we are forever grateful. If you have an opportunity stop down at Chubb Park and visit your Sugar Maples.


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